Motorcycle Insurance

Finding the best motorcycle insurance requires much more than simply meeting state minimums. Motorcycle riders want to have a policy in place that will cover every single expense if a life-altering or fatal accident takes place. Here is a look at basic legal requirements as well as what riders will want out of their policy and provider.

What Must Be Covered

The legal requirements for insurance change between every single state. On average, riders will need around $10,000 for bodily injuries and $10,000 for damaged property. Some states also require $20,000 in bodily injury liability coverage if two or more parties are injured, but this does vary by location. This type of coverage will be used for all of the immediate expenses that take place after an accident. Emergency room visits, ambulance rides, surgery, and repairing the motorcycle and all other vehicles should be covered.

Choosing a Policy and Provider

Riders want to choose an insurance provider that has specific policies for motorcycles and do not just offer bike coverage as an afterthought. There are a wide variety of unique risks and expenses for riders that are unlike any other type of accident. Not only are accidents much more likely to cause life-altering injuries or be fatal, but they could also result in a totaled bike, destroyed custom parts, and damaged riding gear. It is important for motorcycle insurance to come from a provider that understands these risks and is knowledgeable about riding.

Customizing Your Policy

Just as with auto insurance, you have a wide variety of options for customizing your motorcycle coverage. One of the most popular add-ons is UM coverage, or uninsured motorist coverage. If the party that is responsible for the accident is not insured or does not have adequate coverage, the rider’s insurance provider will offer compensation for damaged property, injuries, lost wages, pain, and suffering. Riders may also want to take a look at extended coverage for any customizations they have made to their bike. Custom bike insurance will often increase the coverage up to $50,000 or more to pay for specific materials and lengthy shop work.