Renters Insurance

What is Renters Insurance?

A landlord is not liable for the possessions that are owned by tenants. All personal belongings inside a leased space can be protected with an insurance policy that’s designed specifically for renters. Natural disasters, burglaries and other unexpected incidents are all covered under such a plan.

Who it is For

Individual who lease a residential property can benefit from renters insurance. This policy protects the interests of tenants who live in an apartment, condominium, townhouse, duplex, single-family home or other type of unit.

How it Works

A claim can be filed when there is theft or loss of personal property that is listed on an inventory. It’s recommended that renters document all of their valuables and submit the evidence to an insurance agency. For example, something may get stolen from an apartment by thieves. A police report might have to be filed in order to expedite the claim process. Even if a stolen item is recovered, a policy holder is still entitled to compensation. Furthermore, damaged belongings are also covered due to natural disasters or man-made accidents.

Different Types of Coverage in Existence

Insurance for renters comes with a ceiling that defines the maximum amount of coverage per claim or time period. The monthly premium price for the plan reflects the type of protection that’s offered to tenants. Total loss replacement is a type of coverage that pays for the complete replacement of items that have been damaged beyond repair. The actual cash value of the damaged things is paid out to the tenants. Reimbursement for living expenses ensures that renters have a place to live if they’re temporarily forced to leave a property that cannot be occupied due to safety concerns such as asbestos or structural issues.

Major Benefits

Insurance for renters provides peace of mind in case burglars break into a leased property. Additionally, this policy protects tenants against hefty lawsuits that involve personal injuries such as slip-and-falls. A liability plan ensures that renters are not responsible for paying for the expensive medical bills of guests who have been injured on an insured premises.