Workplace Benefits

About Workplace Benefits Insurance

Workplace benefits make employees in any organization feel more financially confident at their various places of work. These benefits have become a major factor for most Americans when it comes to choosing the right job offer. Workplace benefits insurance plans are available for most employers. And employers that offer workplace benefits are taking advantage of a major asset to leverage a competent workforce and reduce turnover because these benefits greatly impact employees’ career decisions especially if they have children of their own that are covered by such policy.

Therefore, it’s imperative that employers offer this type of benefit, which often includes:

Long-term care insurance- it generally covers the care that is not covered by your health insurance, Medicaid or Medicare.
Disability insurance- is also called income disability insurance or DI, and is a policy that insures you against the risk that a disability creates, inhibiting you from carrying out your daily duties at the workplace.
Critical illness/cancer insurance- this is a policy that acts as a rider or a stand-alone policy for providing you a lump sum amount of money in case you have been diagnosed with critical illnesses such as paralysis, heart attack, or cancer, among others.
Accident insurance- is a coverage that helps you cater for the expenses that result from an accident that causes fractures and other covered accidental injuries. The policy can also provide you with initial care among other situations.
Universal life insurance- is also referred to as UL, and is a cash value life insurance. In the U.S., the terms of the policy will allow you to get an excess of premium payments and is credited to the cash value of the insurance policy.

The workplace coverage plan can enable you to pay for you and your family’s health benefits and provide vital insurance cover that will enhance your overall well-being. Our expert team of trusted advisors are here to offer flexible plan options with good enrollment support and excellent implementation.